Team Organisation and Supervision

 To a certain extent this will depend on the rules and guidelines of your organisation.

 We suggest walking in groups of not more than 7. Keeping control of more is pretty difficult, even for human sheepdogs.

  • those under 10½ must have an adult with them, obviously parents for family groups. Whether youth leaders/helpers have DBS clearance depend on the rules of your organisation.
  • Those over 10½ may walk in groups without an adult. All groups must stay together.
  • All walkers under 18 must have parent/carer permission to take part. That will be left with the organisers at the start. Each walker will be given a wrist band carrying a number. That number will be entered on the Contact/Permission portion of the card and held at Kirkbie Kendal. The wrist band will also carry an emergency telephone number.
  • We expect that each group will have a charged mobile phone with it - we will note the number at the start.
  • It is absolutely essential that all walkers stick to the designated route and then check-in at Kirkbie Kendal at the end of their Walk.
  • Walkers should wear good shoes or boots and carry waterproofs.